How I work

Typically, I initiate the process with an initial discovery call with a potential client, which generally spans 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the complexity of the discussion.

Following this, I may follow up with a few questions via email and provide a concise proposal outlining the project details, timeframes, costs, and expected outcomes.

Once the project commences, my approach is straightforward and meticulously tracked in a shared document, ensuring both parties have complete visibility of activities at all times. I'm flexible and can seamlessly integrate with your CRM or sales system, opting for whichever suits your preferences.

My services are offered at hourly and daily rates, with costs varying based on the unique requirements of each project. Additionally, I provide starter pipeline and prospecting packages for upfront purchase. For those new to freelancing, consulting, or launching a business, I extend an advisory service to provide guidance and support.

No minimum commitment, can work to budget or project and flexible contracts and terms.
Please enquire for further details and pricing.

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