How to generate new business

New year means new where do we start looking? 🔍 is what many of you will be pondering right now (I know, because you've asked me)

You've set today aside for new business 💪 (said everyone)

The mood is set; you have your coffee in hand ☕, 'productive music' playlist BLARING on Spotify 🎵 ... two new tabs open; Google and LinkedIn (cos today we are not messing about 😂) - but you are now completely stuck as to where to start and what the hell you should be searching for in order to capture this elusive 'new biz' 🤔

Let me make it simple for you through an exercise I use regularly;

1. Look at your existing clients (proven success) ✅
2. Borrow your kids or well equipped colleagues coloured pens 🖍 and group your clients into 4 main profiles based on identifiable/unique attributes. It's important that this is LARGE. Think big piece of paper and stuck IN FRONT OF you where you sit down to work. It needs to be as eye-catching and visual as possible so you look at it everyday
4. Log into ChatGPT 🤖 and search 'companies similar to (insert name of your client)' and pick five new companies that it's thrown up per profile and prospect!

This should take you no more than 30mins-1hr ⏱ and you will have achieved three things:

1. You now have a starting point which is where most people struggle; a list of 20 brand new and likely relevant prospects to go after with aligning successful clients to use as case studies
2. You have saved time; (our most valuable commodity) I've given you direction which you can now action, laid out in four simple steps
3. The lovely 'art' you have created will keep you laser focused on what you are looking for going forward - your eye will naturally gravitate towards reading it again and again - keep adding to it! This should be a working doc that changes and doesn't need to be perfect or polished

Prospecting and business development isn't hard - you just need to start somewhere with a likely outcome of success. If you don't have a good method and/or the time for BD then hit me up - I can show you or I can do it for you.
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