Freelance and consultancy 101

Whilst looking for some lost meeting notes I made previously (yes in an actual paper notebook - nothing better imo)📓I stumbled across my scribbles about starting my company IN FRONT OF. It just made me smile that it all started right there and I just went for it and I wondered if I would do it again knowing what I know now...🤔

Let me give you the real tea ☕ on consulting and going freelance...

1. YOU better be confident that you can stand alone from the larger corporations that formed your previous work identity. Say hello to crunch time as you are now going to need to SELL yourself and skills without anyone holding your hand

2. Consulting and going freelance can be an EXTREMELY lucrative way to earn. You can really start racking up the income through utilising your experience and being an agile and immediate solution to a need. Less hours plus more money and freedom than you could have ever imagined

3. Want a/another baby? enjoy your set holidays? they are going to take a massive hit re maternity/paternity leave and double-whammy loss of earnings whilst you are sunning yourself with a margarita (aka guilt cocktails and always looking for WiFi)

4. If you are risk-averse then forget it - you need to get comfortable with being VERY uncomfortable, think feast and famine months and income to match (this is coming from someone who is risk-averse!)

5. If you are going to take the jump, I'd recommend a six-month financial cushion in wages just so you don't implode with stress within the first few weeks

6. At times you could have 6 different email profiles and represent a different company everyday so know your craft. Refine your working methodology and purchase/use all the services available to quicken and lighten your workload so you run as an efficient, well-oiled machine in order to scale and grow

7. Lastly - you are now free. You make the rules. You choose the clients and you determine your success and it feels AMAZING

Opening my calendar again this year to anyone looking for advice or mentoring about making the jump - email me at 👋
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